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(The future beneficiaries of your support)


Dear Sir/ Madam!


          My name is xxxx. I'm working with Natural Resources and Tourism

eight years now. Currently, I,m student at Tumaini University-D`Salaam College

studing Bachelor of Law first year. Both my parents died since 1990`s when I was at

primary level. I`m not supported academically by any organ and I`m no longer able to

support myself . Now, may I be competent to apply and considered for sponsorship?

         Thanks in advance!




Please refer to our telephone conversation between the undersigned and Mr.

Mwamasika regarding education loans for the needy students.  I happened to know

TALESUFO through the advertisement over the radio. I have got three nieces who

are studying in China at the University of Shanghai, majoring in International

Finance.  Unfortunately, these nieces are orphans, they had the Chinese

scholarship for the first degree.  They are completing their first degree

studies in July 2011 but they would like to pursue the second degree, i.e.

Master's degree and thereafter come back home to serve their Nation.


As instructed, I shall ask them to fill the application forms and submit them to

your Organization accordingly.


xxxxxx - Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Tunashukuru sana kwa msaada wenu unaokuja hasa wakati huu ambao watanzania wengi (hasa vijana) tunasoma kwa shida au kulazimika kusitisha masomo kwa sababu ya kukosa ufadhili.
            Binafsi nilipopata tangazo lenu la kuwakopesha wanafunzi sikuchelewa kuutaarifu uongozi wa chuo ili chuo kiingie ubia nanyi; tupate kunufaika na huduma yenu.
            Uchungu wa masomo aujuaye mwanafunzi, hasa anayejitafutia ada kama mimi. Hivo naomba nanyi pia mumshawishi mkuu ajiunge! Mawasliano yake ni:                  DAR ES SALAAM CIY COLLEGE  BOX 90489DSM,   Mobile +255714689807

E-mail:   daccollege2000@yahoo.com.

Naitwa XXXXX (076XXX).




Dear E.A.Mwamasika,

Executive Director
Tanzania Learning Support Foundation

 Greetings from BRAC Tanzania. Many thanks for your mail and the information. We think as non-governmental organizations we should collaborate and associate each other to attain a common objective which is socio-economic development of the poor people of Tanzania.


We really appreciate your honest intention in this endeavor. However, let us schedule a day for a discussion in person and in that case we can be able to know each, can learn more and also can come to an appropriate solution.


Many thanks once again

- Show quoted text -

Gunendu K.Roy
Country Representative
BRAC Tanzania

Plot: 2329 Block H Mbezi Beach
P.O. Box: 105213

Cell: +255 (0) 78 666 2206

Email: gunenduroy@yahoo.com
skype: gunenduroy


The Executive Director.

   We are indeed very glad to introduce our selves to you.
We are a religious ministry called XXX XXX  based in XXX XXX District, XXX Region Tanzania. Our Ministry was registed in XX XXX with nos XXX  and we operate our activities at national level. Our head office is in XXX, XXX District in XX Region.


As stated above our Ministry is aimed at preaching the word of God in rural and urban areas as well as in schools. Teaching the word of God in schools may eventually Convert the children to get away with devilish practices like use of toxic drugs, sex, drunkenness etc, of which may resultedly endanger their lives and create a great loss to the nation.

However, we also deal with other activities like taking care of orphans, street children, conducting various seminars to Church leaders and village executives. Our subsequent plan also is to carry out investment projects like building schools, Bible Colleges and Agriculture.

Having heard of your good service from various information sources, we sat as a ministry and Compromised to submit our request before your esteemed management for, if accepted, working together with you.

Now, for further correspondence, we would first like to hear from your end.

Thanking you in advance,
                      Yours truly
                      for XXXX XXX
                      XXX XXX
                     Secretary General




Kindly refering to the subject above, my question is can i apply loan from your  organization? for my daughter  who studies out of your listed school.






Nipo chuo cha maendeleo ya jamii XXXX XXX  nachukua masomo ngazi ya cheti na nipo mwaka wa mwisho wa masomo.

Ninakabiliwa na tatizo la ada ambayo ni Tsh 39 0'000/=

Kutokana na taarifa zenu,naomba nipate utaratibu wa mikopo ukoje.



Sent from my Nokia Phone


I'm a Tanzanian self sponsored pursuing Master in Rural Development at XXX XXX  University of XXX XXX
I managed to complete first year successful but now facing short of fund for research which is expected to commence on July this year. The total requirement is 4 million TZS.

I happened to visit your web and find this information which embraced me very much as see it as a redeemer to me.

Before filling the forms I found it wiser to ask if can be titled to such loan.

May you please help me to solve this problem as I'm in really difficulty.

Other relevant information from my employer and University admission particulars I will send to you once assured of loan

Thanks for consideration




Dear Manager,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your good vision which I think that it is Gods vision to help the youngest children from poor family as you said in your objectives., that is good.


In my responce on your advatisement I would like to apply for loan amounting to 50,000,000 (fifty million only) to repair class rooms at XXXXXX XXX primary school which we plan to start at 2012. The school is not registered due to lack of buildings and other facilities which we failled to manage because of fund problem. I m very pleased with your advatisement that you offer support on that issue please help us to have this school operating.


thanks on that.

waiting from you the good answer.

your sincerely



Habari za kazi, naitwa XXX XXX  ninasoma chuo cha XXX  Dar es salaama ngazi ya degree mwaka wa kwanza. nimeona matangazo yenu kwenye mtandao kwamba mnatoa msaada kwa wanafunzi. tafadhali ninaomba unipe ufafanuzi inakuaje kwa wanafunzi ambao hamna mahusiano na chuo chao?


Ndugu Mkurugenzi

Husika na kichwa cha hapo juu.

Mimi ni XXXX XXX  ambaye ninasoma  kidato cha kwanzakatika shule ya sekondari XXX XXX huko mkoani Morogoro.

Hivyo naomba Msaada wa kutokana na kufiwa wazazi wote wawili yaani Baba Na Mama yangu

Na ninaishi na Bibi yangu Mzaa baba. Kwa maana hiyo naomba Msaada wa kulipiwa KARO YA

SHULE ili niweze kujiendesha kielimu

Natanguliza shukhran zangu

mimi XXX XXX


Dear Sir,

I have visited your organization website and we will be writing you a letter for partnership sooner than later.

The idea is very interesting and there are people around in need of the service.

We pray for the program to prosper.

Yours in hard working,


Habari, mimi ni mratibu wa shirika lisilo la kiserikali la XXX XXX

Tunafanya  kazi mkoani XXX XXX katika maeneo mengi mfano,msaada wa

kisheria,watoto wa mitaani,HIV/AIDS nk,nimesikia matangazo yenu kwenye

vyombo vya habari juu ya kazi zenu nimezipenda sana, sisi kama shirika

tunawezaje kufanya kazi na nyie kwa kushirikiana?

Nitashukuru kwa kupata maelezo yenu







Tunashukuru sana kwa msaada wenu unaokuja hasa wakati huu ambao watanzania wengi(hasa vijana) tunasoma kwa shida ua kulazimika kusitisha masomo kwa sababu ya kukosa ufadhili.
               Binafsi nilipopata tangazo lenu la kuwakopesha wanafunzi sikuchelewa kuutaarifu uongozi wa chuo ili chuo kiingie ubia nanyi; tupate kunufaika na huduma yenu.
               Uchungu wa masomo aujuaye mwanafunzi,hasa anayejitafutia ada kama mimi.Hivo naomba nanyi pia mumshawishi mkuu ajiunge!


                                           Naitwa XXXX XXX



Mimi ni muhitim wa kidato cha sita mwaka huu! na niraiya wa tanzania, baada yakutembelea website yenu kuna baadhi ya vitu ningependa kuuliza, je inawezekana kwa mimi kupata mkopo wa kusoma koz ya diploma ya phamacy XX XXX, na kama ndiio je marejesho ya mkopo yanamakato kiasi gani?